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Use it for planting, weeding, cutting sod, severing roots and dividing perennials. It even comes with its own holster to protect the stainless steel blade. Wildflower seed tool Company. Image courtesy of luke miller 8 / 12, garden rake, a garden rake usually gets its workout in the spring when youre cultivating and prepping the soil in your vegetable garden. But it excels at other tasks, too, such as leveling mulch, scratching hard-packed soil to make it more porous or leveling soil before seeding a lawn. You can even use it to remove thatch or moss from your lawn. TruTemper and local retailers. Image courtesy of True temper 9 / 12 leaf rake while its primary purpose is gathering leaves, a leaf rake is also handy for collecting other garden debris (like grass clippings that accumulate when youve waited too long between cuts!).

Bypass pruners capsules (shown) are a wijn good general-purpose tool for trimming stems of up to about 1/2. Ratchet pruners multiply the ratchet action to cut up to 3/4-in. Any bigger and you risk the chance of breaking the pruners. Image courtesy of Corona tools. 6 / 12, pruning Saw, pruning saws are a good all-purpose saw for the garden. Many fold up for safe transport and storage. And all are more adept at working in tight spaces than the larger and more cumbersome bow saws. The razor-tooth blade easily cuts through woody stems the size of an arm. Image courtesy of Corona tools 7 / 12, hori hori digging tool, this multipurpose gardening tool is more than a trowel. Its also a knife, saw and even a measuring device for planting bulbs.

the garden tools

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Chikamasa Almighty Shears List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 Chikamasa Almighty Shears for Bonsai trees garden pruning. Use for branches up to uses 1/4" The blade is made of high-carbon steel and will hold an edge for a long time. Bonsai watering Wand List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 Watering wand for your bonsai trees and garden. Fine mesh nozzle provides a gentle velvet mist. Comes with a convenient off on control valve. Overall length 12" Hori-hori weeding bonsai knife - stainless Steel List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 sale:.95 Hori-hori weeding bonsai tree knife, stainless Steel. Okatsune masters Grade double leather Sheath.25" List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 Made of the highest quality gorgeous leather by master craftsmen.

the garden tools

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The heavy duty blade is impulse hardened with Tri-Edge tooth design which, according to the manufacturer, cuts 50 faster than traditional tooth designs. Okatsune Sharpening Stone list Price:.00 Our Price:.00 This high quality stone has a curved edge for sharpening concave cutters and other curved blade tools. Okatsune leather Garden bonsai tool Sheath List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 This high quality leather sheath is designed to hold okatsune bypass shears, but works for other hand tools for bonsai trees, japanese other gardening and ikebana too. Replacement Blade for okatsune folding Saw List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 Very strong for its size. Hori-hori weeding bonsai knife - carbon Steel List Price:.00 Our Price:.95 sale:.95 Hori-hori weeding bonsai tree knife. A wonderful and versatile weeding, bonsai all-purpose tool. Excellent for digging up bonsai trees.

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the garden tools

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Particularly after transplanting or when the weather is hot utrecht and dry. Nejiri weeder, list Price:.95, our Price:.95, a great tool for weeding in tight spots, or really anywhere. Nejiri long Handled weeder. List Price:.00, our Price:.00 Nejiri scraper 16" long handle. Great tools for weeding tight spots.

Kusatori weeder List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 Just hook the root and pull. Great tool for weeding between bricks. Japanese fine tooth Bonsai saw List Price:.00 Our Price:.95 This handy, easy-to-use bonsai saw has a narrow blade for tight spots and fine teeth for fine cuts. Bonsai gardenThinning Shears.5" List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 Bonsai tree garden Thinning Shears. Designed for field work and ultimately disposable. A very handy all purpose shear for bonsai and variety of light to medium garden jobs. Heavy duty bonsai root Saw 13" List Price:.00 Our Price:.00 The perfect saw for cutting through tough old roots and densely compacted root masses.

Bonsai tree grafting knife. This amazingly affordable little tool has a range of uses; not the least of which is bonsai tree other grafting. Bonsai aesthetics Narrow Blade bonsai saw. Bonsai aesthetics Narrow Blade bonsai tree saw. Its exceptionally long and narrow blade makes this a very handy bonsai tool for tight spots and fine cuts.

Overall length.5" (42cm). Roshi Economy Grade bonsai tree all-Purpose butterfly Shears. List Price:.00, our Price:.00, sALE:.00. Roshi tools are known for their precision, quality, durability, beauty and reasonable prices and Roshi Economy grade tools are no exception. Good for top and root pruning and double as excellent all-purpose shears with a number of uses well beyond bonsai. Roshi Stainless Economy Grade bonsai all Purpose butterfly Shears. Fog-it nozzle - bonsai tree misting watering. Give your bonsai trees a healthy and cool treat. Almost all plants love to be watered with a very fine mist.

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Our most popular tool. These amazingly sharp, durable and very handy bonsai tree all-purpose scissors - shears are hiv good for almost everything. Folding Saw by bonsai aesthetics, list Price:.95, our Price:.95. Sale:.75, bonsai tree gardening Folding Saw by bonsai aesthetics. Now an affordable saw for large bonsai branches, tough roots and a range of garden tasks. Bonsai cyste aesthetics Grafting Knife for Bonsai trees.5". List Price:.95, our Price:.95.

the garden tools

Choose a sub category: we think our okatsune brand tools are ballon the best gardening tools in the world. Our favorites are the 101 and 103 bypass shears. They last forever and cut like butter. If you haven't tried okatsune tools, you are in for a treat. This is not to say our other Japanese gardening tools aren't first rate. Ars, tobisho, silky, nishigaki and others are all high quality tools. Sort By: Price: Low to highPrice: High to lowMost 25 per page50 per page100 per page150 per page250 per page. Page of 2, bonsai aesthetics Bonsai, garden ikebana Scissors/Shears 8". List Price:.95, our Price:.95, sALE:.95.

plants (putting them in the ground temporarily until a permanent location is found). Like the digging shovel, the d-handle design offers better control. The rubber foot pad reduces fatigue and shoe damage and can fit on either side of the shovel with pre-drilled holes. Corona tools and local retailers. Image courtesy of Corona tools 4 / 12, loppers, when youre cutting branches the size of your finger or bigger, bring out the loppers, which offer larger blades than pruners and more leverage as well. These powerGear loppers can easily cut branches with a diameter of up to 1-1/2. The gear technology increases leverage to give you up to three times more cutting power than standard loppers. Available in various sizes, from 18 to., from. 5 / 12, pruners, pruners are the go-to tool when youre deadheading flowers or cutting pliable stems or small woody twigs.

Fiskars and local retailers. Image courtesy of Fiskars 2 / 12, digging Shovel, a rounded-blade digging shovel is indispensable if youre planting anything larger than your fist. Shovels have come a long way ergonomically, and this one is a good example. The d-shaped handle helps gives you two-handed control when digging up and tossing heavy loads of soil. The welded steel construction is more durable than wood and wont flex under tegen a heavy load as fiberglass would. Meanwhile, the large step plate is wide enough to relieve pressure on your foot when stepping on it repeatedly. Image courtesy of Fiskars. 3 / 12, edging Spade, a flat-blade edging spade is a handy friend to have around the garden.

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Shed, garden buildings storage, how to paint a shed, improve the look of your shed simply and effectively with a quick paint refresh. Using the homebase guide, you can create your great escape. View as slideshow, family handymanJan 09, gardening will be easier, more productive and, well, just a lot more fun when you have the right tools at hand. Here are a dozen garden tools that every gardener should have. Clearing tools, these may look like klingon weapons from an episode of Star Trek, but theyre actually versatile garden tools designed for trimming shoots and stems, cutting vines, severing roots and sawing branches. If youve got an overgrown garden—or one filled with coarse ornamental grasses vegetables needing to be cut back—try a 13- or 18-in. Billhook saw, which has a rust-resistant, curved blade for quick pull cuts and a coarse saw edge for removing tough branches and grasses.

The garden tools
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the garden tools
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A garden tool is any one of many tools made for gardens and gardening and overlaps with the range of tools made for agriculture and horticulture. M showcases garden tools for every gardener, including shovels, garden cart, rakes, loppers, garden gloves, pruners and garden hose. Garden tool, company shop our large selection the finest quality garden tools available for the avid d the uncommon service you deserve.

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  2. This is what inspired our selection of high-quality, expertly designed tools to address all of your gardening needs. Whether youre growing flowers or vegetables. We use cookies to make our website easier to use, to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features, to keep in touch with you about your product.

  3. Garden tools in tools and more. the right garden tools make any job in the garden easier, whether you're planting, weeding, pruning, or clearing leaves. Com we offer high quality farm and ranch supply as well as lawn and garden supply. Our products are affordable and durable. M has a wide selection at great prices to help with your diy and home improvement projects.

  4. Garden tools - a range of garden and agricultural hand tools available on our webshop or at one of our 19 country stores in the south East. How to maintain and care for the gardening tools used in your garden. Shop for low price, high quality. Garden tools on AliExpress.

  5. Troy-bilt carries a variety of gardening tools to help you weed, cut dig through your garden. Durable, lightweight reliable, our gardening hand tools come. Com is an international trade enterprise specializing. Garden tools company, including, garden, shredder, watering Can, Chain Saw and Lawnmowers, we hope.

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